ASID NY Metro Event Forms

When planning an event, committee members must:

1. Develop a concept, to be outlined in the Event Checklist Form, and submit to the Committee Chair, the Professional Development Director, and the Chapter Administrator for initial approval and recommendations. This form should be submitted for initial approval at least 6 weeks prior to the scheduled event date.

2. Engage with the Professional Development Director, who will liaise with the Communication Director, President, and Chapter Administrator to green-light the event as conceived and make any additional recommendations and requests.

3. President and Communications Director have final approval on dates, venues, sponsors, program content, invitation artwork, etc to ensure it adheres to the goals and scope of the current ASID NY Metro Strategic Plan.

4. Once an event has been approved, the committee will keep the Chapter Administrator informed of event planning progress to coordinate outgoing communications and logistics.

The Event Management Instructions document explains what is expected and what is available for request to event management volunteers, as well as what you should do before, during, and after an event.

The Event Checklist Form should be filled out when an event is conceived and should be copied to the committee chairperson, the Professional Development Director, and the Chapter Administrator.

The ASID NY Metro Event Budget Form should be submitted in draft along with the Event Checklist to the committee chairperson, the Professional Development Director, and the Chapter Administrator. The Event Budget is a living document that should be updated during the course of the event planning process to monitor projected expenditures and income, and submitted with final totals after the event.

The Mailing List Rental document explains the types of e-blasts produced by the chapter and the process and requirements for requesting one. This document also contains a form to be filled out or to use as a reference in answering the basic questions management requires in order to produce an e-blast.

The Event Wrap-up Sheet should be submitted after your event is complete. The Communications Committee relies on reports from event volunteers for publications content. Please include any photographs taken at your event (captions MUST be provided identifying individuals in the picture) when submitting this form to Chapter Administrator.


If you have any questions regarding any of these procedures, please reach out to the Chapter office
by calling (212) 641-0018 or emailing

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